5 STARS *****



The tenth instalment now in the DI Kim Stone series and it never gets old… in fact, it’s just the opposite; this remarkable series just keeps on getting better in ways the reader can only dream of.

The inimitable Kim Stone is a pool so deep she intrigues and shocks us at every turn. In DEAD MEMORIES, the reader is in for possibly the biggest shock of all in the shape of Kim’s own past. More horrific and traumatic than any of us could have guessed.

The revelations of her past come, of course, completely against Kim’s will. Never one to complain or bleat for sympathy, she is forced to reface horrors she has spent her adult life burying.

But when someone recreates her very personal trauma with the express intention of hurting and ultimately destroying Kim, her usual failsafe method of ploughing through and pushing away the hurt just won’t cut the mustard this time. She is forced to face her past head on and with everyone watching. We see Kim truly at her most vulnerable with her closest colleagues desperately worried and concerned for her wellbeing.

Angela Marsons takes us again on a rollercoaster ride and packs an emotional punch for good measure. Characterisation is brilliant and the twists and turns throughout keep the reader racing through the pages at breakneck speed.

Add all this to the unrelenting pace and tension and the unfathomable climax of a twisty mystery which I thought I had guessed and absolutely had not… and you’ve got a first-class thriller which you’d better clear your schedule to enjoy. WARNING: There is no chance of putting this book down.

In DEAD MEMORIES, Kim Stone’s faithful fans will learn to love her even more. If that’s possible.