A Cover to Die For!

IMG_2212 (1)Thirteen years ago someone did something very bad to Anna. Now it’s her turn to get even . . .

I am a writer but I have always been an avid reader too and although I read really widely, crime thrillers are my favourite genre.

So I totally ‘get’ the importance of an atmospheric cover, the way a good cover gives the reader a virtual snapshot of the ‘feel’ of a book.

In the early Kindle days, covers didn’t really feature and when they did, they were little more than flat black and white pictures, unlikely to excite readers.

Now, it’s a whole different story. Digital covers are as exciting as having the real thing in your hands. They play a massive part in authors’ and publishers’ social media interaction with readers even before the book is out.

I’m talking about that feeling only fellow readers understand – seeing a cover, reading the description of the book, pre-ordering at a great price knowing it will land on your device or be delivered through the door very soon . . . that feeling never grows old!

So you can imagine my nervous anticipation just a couple of weeks ago when my publisher, Bookouture, told me the cover for my debut psychological thriller ‘Safe with Me’ was ready. I opened up the email from my editor, Lydia, and managed to wait a whole three agonizing seconds before I gathered the courage to scroll down to take a look.

My relief and admiration was instant. I loved it. Loved the colours my designer, Henry, had used. Loved the lettering, loved the visuals . . . everything! It was a great feeling, knowing that my novel is now wrapped in a cover that says everything about the story inside.

What I’m really excited about it that I really feel the image represents the content of the book so well. And for me, that makes it the perfect cover.

It captures the creepy building tension of the book, the danger, the hold-your-breath anticipation I hope the readers will experience when they race through the pages, reading about Anna and her solitary existence, her preoccupation with order and routine and her escalating, dangerous obsession that quickly spirals out of control  . . .

And the best news of all is that ‘Safe with Me’ is available for pre-order right now at ONLY 99p in the UK and 99c in the US!